Tel: (520) 884 1505
Fax: (520) 622 2223
Office: 430 E Lee St
Tucson AZ 85705
Mon-Fri: 9:00am to 5:00pm
Sat: 10:am - 3pm (by Appt)
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Anyone living in the home (over the age of 18) must sign the lease

Generally, it is the responsibility of the tenants to maintain the yard; however, in the spring and periodically
throughout the year, we may spray to kill and slow the growth of weeds.

Check your lease or ask us which utilities you are responsible for.

Tucson Electric        623-7711
Southwest Gas        889-1888
Tucson Water          791-3242
Cox Cable                884-0133

Make Payable and Send To:

Asset Assistance Co., LLC
430 E Lee St
Tucson, AZ 85705

Or rent can be dropped off at the above address

Rent is due on the first of every month. There is a 10% late fee for rent received after 5PM on the 3rd of the month.

We only accept checks, money orders, or cashier checks.

Lockout is not considered an emergency. If lockout occurs during office hours come by office to get key. Be prepared to bring an ID and leave something of value so that we get the spare key back. If locked out after hours, there is a $75.00 fee charged. You may also call a locksmith. Remember that if you break something trying to get into your house, you will be required to pay for the repairs which usually ends up being much more expensive than calling for help.

Any damage to any part of the property must be reported immediately to management (not the maintenance man). This includes damage to appliances, the interior or exterior of the house, or any features such as the A/C, water heater, or electronic garage door opener. Problems can be reported by calling the office at 884-3410. In the event of an emergency, immediately call our office at 520 884-3410. If it is after hours an emergency phone # will be listed. Plumbing clogs, pest control, and routine maintenance (such as light bulb/filter replacements, lint build up in the dryer filter or hose, etc.) are the responsibility of the tenant.

Please feel free to contact our office with any questions you have.

We have installed exterior door dead bolts, window locks, and in some cases monitored security systems in our homes and feel that precautions have been made to ensure that our homes are secure. However, if doors, and windows are left slightly ajar or unlocked, entry will be possible..  The UA area is subject to the same incidence of burglaries and other crimes as most neighborhoods; caution is your best defense.

Please keep in mind our properties are occupied 100% of the time, they are shown by appointment only. If you are interested in one of our units, please contact us to schedule a showing. Do not disturb the current residents.

We require a holding deposit, which varies depending on the rental property. As we are removing that property from the market and lose the potential to rent it to other qualified prospects, the deposit may be forfeited in the event that after 7 days, we do not get a signed lease and other paperwork that we require. Otherwise, the holding deposit is credited to your total security deposit.

No, the whole house is leased to you all as a family group.

No, we do not. We encourage you to keep and leave the place in a good rentable condition (Clean and damage free as when you received it), then we will not have to use your security deposit to pay to restore the premises to a rentable condition. Therefore, deposits are fully refundable if no additional payments, damages and/ or cleaning costs are incurred during the lease period.

Each prospective tenant over 18 must fill out an application. For every student applicant, we require a minimum of one guarantor on their lease, and those guarantors must fill out a Guarantee Form and have it notarized. The appliction form is available on this website for you to print out or fill out and email to us.

Your lease is a binding contract. If you do decide to move out early, you are still required to pay the entire amount of rent every month. Per your lease, you are also required to keep on all main utilities (Water, Gas, and Electricity) throughout the entire lease period.

Current year tenants have priority to stay a second year with or without new roommate(s)  Depending on anticipated or current costs, there may be a minimal rent increase for the second year.

Only if you patch the holes and paint the patches so that you cannot tell that anything was hung there previously.

Some of our rentals already have monitored security systems. On the ones that don’t, you may, at your expense & with prior written approval, install a system.

Yes, at an additional cost depending on # of bedrooms.

No, sorry but we do not offer 6-month leases.

We do not recommend this. If you do paint it, you must return it to its original color and sheen and done to our satisfaction.

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